John Worton - Chairman & Trustee

John Worton is Chairman of Shire Business Group, a collection of eight companies which provide multi-faceted business services to predominantly small and medium sized enterprises in the UK. John established the group in 1990 and now employs 200+ members of staff based from the offices in Tamworth.


John's sporting career centred around the rugby pitch but also extended to include football, cricket, squash and golf. John joined WWSC 29 years ago. In addition to his current role as Trustee, John previously held the position of Squash Chairman and he was heavily involved in the sale of the land and development of the new club building, working with Tony Clark & his team.

John had a spell away from being a Trustee at WWSC following the completion of the new building development.  He re-joined as a Trustee in 2013 and was appointed to the position of Chairman of Trustees in 2016.


John brings to WWSC a great understanding and love of all sports coupled with an entrepreneurial business approach and a passionate desire to see WWSC succeed in its sporting and social endeavours.