Welcome to Our New Members

23rd May 2020

I am Jim Pereira and I am Chair of the Tennis Section and on behalf of the tennis committee I would like to welcome our new members to West Warwick’s.

I appreciate that these are strange times and the section is not operating as we would be at what is the height of the tennis season but I thought I would give you an idea of what would normally be going on apart from sitting on the balcony with a beer or wine.

We run three ladies and five men’s teams playing in the Birmingham District league and one ladies and two men’s teams playing in the Coventry league.   We also run one ladies and two men’s teams in the winter leagues.  This provides the opportunity for all members who would wish to play match tennis the chance of a game.  If you have not played match tennis before, the games are competitive and friendly with a match supper at the end of the evening for which there is a small charge.

Social tennis play is normally held on a Wednesday evening and Sunday morning. Men’s night is held on a Thursday with men’s play also on a Monday evening. The Club runs an internal competition programme throughout the year.

As you know apart from same household groups, we are restricted to singles play at present and if you are looking for a partner please let me know and I’ll try to sort out.  If there is anything else, I can help you with please contact me and I provide my email and mobile number below. If you would like to meet up that’s OK with social distance and all that stuff of course.

Once again welcome to Club and I look forward to meeting with you at some point.




07773 749 515