Stage 1 – Enquiry 


To submit an alleged breach(es) of the Code, you must identify the relevant sections of the Code that you feel have been breached and set this out in a letter addressed to the General Manager of the Club.


When writing, please ensure that the section(s) of the Code that you feel have been breached are referred to in all of the supporting documentation.


All information provided to the Trustees shall be kept confidential. All parties included in the process are also expected to treat such information as confidential and not disclose it to any person other than on a need to know basis.


Stage 2 – Referral 

After submitting a letter,  the alleged breaches of the Code will be reviewed and the Trustees will determine if the matter should be referred for investigation.


Stage 3 – Investigation 

The individual named who is alleged to breach of the Code will be notified at this stage. The individual will be sent a copy of the allegations and supporting evidence submitted and has a right to reply. The Complainant will not be sent a copy of the  response. 

Investigation Panel Investigations are undertaken by a panel (‘the Investigation Panel’) selected as appropriate and will include a minimum of three persons, one being a WWSC Trustee, to investigate the allegations on behalf of the WWSC. 

The Investigation - The investigation will comprise a full assessment of the referral and any other relevant matters that emerge.


The Investigation Panel will seek supporting and substantiated evidence in writing and/or orally, as appropriate, from the Complainant, the Member concerned and any other appropriate source. 

Following completion of the investigation, a report will be produced by the Investigation Panel with a recommendation that the referral should be taken forward and Conduct Proceedings shall commence or that the allegations should be dismissed. Allegations will only be taken forward into Conduct Proceedings where the Investigation Panel considers there is evidence to support that the individual has breached the Code. Allegations shall not be taken forward where the Investigation Panel considers that:

a)         there is insufficient evidence to support the allegation that the individual appears to have demonstrated conduct that is in breach of the Code; and/or 

b)         the complaint is vexatious or trivial in substance;

c)         the complaint is a misuse of the Procedures; or 

d)         the complaint does not justify further action. 


Where the Investigation Panel considers that there is sufficient evidence to support the allegation that the individual has breached the Code, but has determined that the referral should not be taken forward into Conduct Proceedings, it may advise the Member as to their future conduct and/or direct the individual to apologise to the Complainant. 


Stage 4 – Allegations referred to a Conduct Panel


If the Investigation Panel determines that Conduct Proceedings should commence, a Case Officer will be appointed by the Trustees and will be responsible for presenting evidence of the alleged breaches of the Code to the Trustees.

The original Complainant may be called as a witness, but will not have a right to attend the Conduct Panel. 

The hearing can proceed without the attendance of the individual. 

If a breach of the Code has been found, the Conduct Panel will consider the range of sanctions available including advising the individual regarding their future conduct; requiring certain conditions to be met; suspending or removing membership.

Withdrawals - Whilst the Complainant may withdraw the complaint at any time, if the Panel  has commenced the investigation process, the Investigation Panel may nonetheless choose to proceed with the investigation.

It is always stressful and frustrating when you are put in a position where you are not happy with conduct that you believe has breached the WWSC Code. However, the WWSC does not tolerate rude, abusive or bullying communications or any other inappropriate behaviour towards staff, members, Trustees or Visitors.