Shire Cup


The Burnham & Shire Cups 2017

at Carden Park

Goodness me, what terrible weather this week! Autumn Gales here already? Fortunately for our 28 golfers taking the 2 days away at Carden Park, the weather was more friendly. The Hotel was exceptional. Good professional hospitality all round. The 2 courses, The Cheshire and The Nicklaus, were completely different with the players split in their preferences for each of them.

A new day dawns with some players bleary eyed from late night drinking and playing “Shut the Box” A full selection of breakfast choices were available for all those who could face it?

The Nicklaus Course awaited the players for The Shire Cup.  A totally different course. Much more open, more water & bunkers, with tricky greens.

As you would expect, they were queuing up at the halfway point, 16 points for Jamie, Chris Brennan, L.R. & J.R. 17 for Pete Millane, 18 for Martin Hollingworth & Pete Green, 19 for Tommo & Dave Evans, but again, out in front with 21 points, was Stuart Durk.

Fast finishing from Roger Dunmore 20 and Geoff Irwin 21 points moved them up the order, but miss out on the prizes. A slightly poor back nine of 15 points from Stuart dropped him back to 3rd place with 36. Jamie, storming through with back to back birdies and 21 points raced up into 2nd place. But the winner, also with 21 points to add to his 19 and a total of 40 points TOMMO wins The Shire Cup 2017

A new prize of  Best Total Points for 2 days Won by Stuart Durk

Nearest the Pins A battle Royal ensued at hole 3 Pete Green leading, beaten by Tim Cleverly, then Dave Evans, Pete Olds, but finally Roger Dunmore wins. Hole 16, round the Lake, was less hectic. John Kelly led off, beaten by Dave Evans, but Ryan Pallett wins

Shire Cup Winner 2017 Paul Thompson receives the Trophy from Jamie Roberts 1

Tommo receiving the cup

Shire Cup Winner 2017 Paul Thompson receives the Trophy from Jamie Roberts

Tommo receiving the cup

Roger Dunmore displays his Nearest The Pin winning balls

Roger Dunmore – Nearest the Pin

Shire Cup defending champion Nigel Bain

“I was that close to the hole “

















J Raison

A Painting

A Hanlin

G Irwin

R Dunmore

G Allen



S Fokes

S Tremble

A Hanlin

J Roberts

N Bain