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Members update 2015

2015 saw the culmination of 3 years planning and building of the new extension at West Warwicks. The project has come in on budget and when the final accounts are done we may have also made some savings. Operationally the closure of the function rooms at the later stage of the development impacted on the growing function trade we had developed over the last 3 years. This has shown in the early part of this current financial year.

David Smart as Bar and catering manager continued with the good work in managing standards of the bar operation with good stock controls and GP margins, alongside developing and managing the extra facilities.

Chris Denham and the reception team have worked hard to maintain the standards of customer care and member’s interaction, promoting the new facilities and bringing in new business. The implementation of new marketing strategies, administrative procedures, helps to evaluate and enhance members or guests experience once attracted to the club.

Larisa Arcip and the fitness team which now includes resident physiotherapist Phil Evans has enabled the club to offer treatments, rehabilitation, develop exercise class programs and meet new members to ensure they have had the opportunity to book a gym induction or a bespoke exercise program.

The Operations manager Graeme Plaistow has worked alongside the sports and leisure departments the Food and Beverage team to deliver some major events through the year. Whilst reviewing the standard operating procedures to ensure we are up to date with current legislation and health and safety requirements in this busy public facility

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and understanding for the changes that have been made over the last year.

The trustees and I set some tough financial challenges and targets to be achieved in our fourth year although we did not account for at least 2 new fitness facilities opening in the area since we first proposed the project and the impact the function room closure would have on reestablishing the events and meeting trade we had developed. The continued improvement in the financial performance of the club was paramount to ensure its long term viability.

The continued increase in membership for the rackets sections has been due to the work put in by the squash and tennis committees to ensure membership retention with the establishment of good coaching programs, team performances and social events has now created an atmosphere within those sections where we continue attracting new members to the club. So a very big vote of thanks to the committees and coaching teams from the Tennis and Squash and Racketball sections.

Both the Hockey and Cricket sections have had better seasons with teams doing well and a good mix of events will ensure they have the motivation to grow their adult membership in a very competitive environment. The junior sections of Cricket and Hockey are still well supported offering sound coaching programs and an outlet for promising youngsters into team play; A continued expansion of their social program utilising the clubs extended facilities has been appreciated by the members and the WWSC management and we recognise the work done by the respective committees.

The aim is to continue to reduce this year’s operating deficit and when the yearend figures come in we will hopefully have a break even figure or a minimal operating deficit. This still needs to be addressed and moved to an operating profit, this may still require slight operational changes which could impact on service levels and membership prices.

We will again review some of our operating hours during the winter months to reduce some costs. These decisions are never taken easily and I would like to thank everyone for their help, support and understanding in dealing with the changes and requirements to take this business forward. If we get the same support we received over the last year, we will continue to get stronger both financially and operationally.

Details of the winter opening hour’s new membership categories and prices will be advertised and implemented from the 1st of January 2016.

The trustees and I believe that it is imperative that we generate more income from the new sports facilities. The vision is for added value to our existing membership plus a new leisure membership category attracting more people to utilise the facilities more often.

The new development of the extended function suites and their modular design has enabled the club to host meetings and events from 20 to 200 guests. The introduction of a new food and beverage team with Head Chef Richard Green has immediately seen an improved menu, better standards and more profitability. We believe this facility will be the larger growth area over the next few years and are marketing focus going forward will be more focused on this potential for growth

I hope that you will continue to support the initiatives of your sections to grow membership, and participate in new activities, offer more coaching and an enhanced social program. Our aim must be to operate more profitably in this wonderful facility and see it move to become the main sports and function facility in the area. Continued development of the daytime conference and training facility will be our biggest growth opportunity

I would also ask you to please contact me or your sports sections if you are interested in advertising or sponsoring teams or individuals at the club. We are looking to foster long term relationships with businesses and organisations sympathetic to the long term goals of the West Warwick Sports Club and its Vision ‘To be the best multi-sport facility for the Solihull community’.

Thank You

Robert Saffery


General Manager

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